Vibracoustic develops sleeve-type airspring

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Vibracoustic develops sleeve-type airspring

Post  Administrator on Tue Oct 18, 2011 6:06 am

Vibracoustic develops sleeve-type airspring

06 October 2011

Weinheim, Germany -- Vibracoustic claims a world-first with the development of a sleeve-type airspring for trucks. The new design offers better suspension, lower weight, smaller volume and improved comfort.

Vibracoustic said, "The airspring developed for applications in the chassis is much smaller than comparable solutions while making it possible, however, to achieve a greater spring rate. As a result, customers save high-priced body components with a weight reduction of up to several hundred kilograms. The sleeve type airspring meets the most stringent demands made in terms of driving comfort and durability. "

The product will be awarded an Innovatino prize at Equipauto next week in Paris. it wil be the launch of a new range of airpsrings, called the aircruise bionics range, due to be launched in the coming days.

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