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Ford reduces production Empty Ford reduces production

Post  Administrator on Wed Sep 14, 2011 11:01 am

Because of reduced demand in most European countries, according to a newspaper report, Ford plans to cut production at its plant in Saarlouis. Currently, the automaker to negotiate with the works on this subject.

Saarlouis. The Ford Motor Co. plans to build its plant in Saarlouis in the future fewer cars. That said a Ford spokesman of the "Frankfurt Allgemeine Zeitung". Reason was the declining demand in most European markets, especially in the south. The company is currently negotiating with the council about the details. Reduced hours or layoffs are not planned at all, but rather to reduce overtime and vacation days are preferred. Another problem is the unexpectedly high demand for diesel vehicles, which currently can not be satisfied.

After starting production of the Focus will also be released 341 temporary workers. This is a normal operation after the start of a production and have nothing to do with the lower demand, the manufacturer said. The plant in Saarlouis, mainly the Focus model will be built. With approximately 6,500 employees, it is the largest employer in the Saarland.


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