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Daimler expects further growth  Empty Daimler expects further growth

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Daimler CEO Zetsche can not be dissuaded from the path. Despite the turmoil in financial markets and some unresolved issues he has his great aim in view. 2020 to the Stuttgart climb to the top in the premium segment.

Tuesday 13 September 2011, 10.17 clock

Frankfurt. The car maker Daimler to withstand the turbulence in financial markets as quickly as possible and BMW will steal the top position in the premium segment. Previously had no impact on the economic uncertainties of the order seen at Daimler, Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche said Tuesday on the outskirts of the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt. For 2011, the manager confirmed the goal of wanting to sell 1.35 million cars.

For 2012, dampened the expectations of managers. The growth in the auto industry will slow down, Zetsche said. But: "For next year I see a greater likelihood of a muted growth as a recession." The industry will grow in coming years than the overall economy, especially the premium manufacturers are likely to once again performed better.

Signs that the global economy could once again plunge into a deep crisis does not Zetsche. He appealed to politicians to restore confidence. A further loss of confidence could hit the real economy, warned the manager.

Mercedes-Benz wants to steal market share to competitors. Zetsche reiterated in 2020, Daimler wants to be the leading premium car manufacturer BMW and Audi before. How many vehicles will then be sold, but said Zetsche. For a precise forecast, it is still too early.

The growth will continue in the future, especially in the booming markets - not only in China but also for example in South America and Turkey, said Zetsche. Reach the Daimler CEO wants the top position among other new models: For the next four years, the manager announced ten in all new vehicles that still have no precedent in the current model range.

In Europe, Daimler wants to score with the new compact car family. This will get instead of the originally planned four now has five members, Zetsche announced. Daimler is the first model presented at the IAA, the new B-Class, which comes later this year at the dealership. Except in Rastatt, Baden, the cars run in the future in the new Mercedes factory in Kecskemét, Hungary from the tape. Gradually from 2013 three series of the compact class should also be manufactured in China.

About the future of the Maybach luxury sedans, there are still been no decision. "We are close to a solution," said Zetsche. There were talks with Aston Martin, they said they were not yet complete. First, the corporate executive, a decision had not yet announced in the summer. It is about whether the Maybach set or with a partner will be further developed. According to industry estimates, the Maybach's sales are lagging far behind long after the originally scheduled quantities.

The Future of European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company EADS said Zetsche, it was necessary to find a permanent shareholder in the EADS group in whose interest. In search of a solution there is progress. Daimler holds 15 percent of EADS shares directly and another 7.5 percent was parked in banks. So the company listed in the Dax currently represents as many votes as the French government (15 percent) and the French media company Lagardere (7.5 percent) combined. Daimler wants to retire at EADS. (Dpa / nib / Photo: Daimler)


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