Bridgestone expands Tianjin car tyre plant

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Bridgestone expands Tianjin car tyre plant

Post  Administrator on Tue Aug 09, 2011 11:23 am

Bridgestone expands Tianjin car tyre plant
08 August 2011

Tokyo -- Bridgestone Corp. is to increase capacity for passenger car tyres at its plant in Tianjin, China, with the new capacity due on stream from July 2012. Much of the expansion is focussed on low rolling resistance Ecopia-brand tyres and the factory will star production of Winter tyres.

Under the current schedule, Bridgestone (Tianjin) Tire Co., Ltd., Ltd will make a total investment of approximately 1,054 million yuan (approximately euro 114 million), which will boost the plant's production capacity by 8,800 tires per day, enabling it to produce a total of 25,300 tires per day.

Currently the site covers 250,000 m2 and employs 1391 peopole. The plant was opened in April 1997, and was acquired by Bridgestone in January 2000.



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