Michelin to invest euro 50 million in UK

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Michelin to invest euro 50 million in UK

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Michelin to invest euro 50 million in UK

18 November 2011

Stoke on trent, UK -- Michelin Group has agreed plans to invest up to £50 million (euro 58 million) in its UK manufacturing sites at Ballymena, Dundee and Stoke-on-Trent over the next six years.
Implementation of these plans has already begun at Dundee with the hiring of 140 people to fill newly created positions and the construction of a building extension to house new production equipment. In Stoke work has also commenced with the conversion of an existing building, ahead of the installation of new equipment for the manufacture of the latest generation Michelin Remix truck tyres.

A press release from the SNP said, "The funds will be used to create a new production line at the [Dundee] factory to produce Michelin’s environmentally-friendly low rolling resistance tyres."
Alex Salmond, Scottish First Minister and leader of the SNP, said: “This commitment to Dundee by Michelin is a resounding vote of confidence for the staff at the plant, who can now look forward with confidence to a bright future making the next generation of fuel efficient tyres. He added, “In the last three years the workforce in Dundee has taken the Michelin plant to the top of the ranking in virtually every assessment across the Michelin group."



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