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Production in Europe decreased Empty Production in Europe decreased

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The auto manufacturers have built in Europe in July, slightly fewer vehicles than a year ago. From January to July, however, more cars rolled off the production lines. Many of them were destined for export.

Thursday 18 August 2011, 00.03 clock

Munich. In Europe, have been produced in July according to the forecast of the Institute IHS Automotive 1.28 million cars and light trucks. Compared to the same period this represents a decrease of 1.8 percent. From January to July, however, with 10.4 million units, 3.41 percent more vehicles were built.

The German producers were consequences of the shrinking European market: Although in recent months, one sales record after another lined up, they built cars in Europe less than last July. At BMW, for example, the number of European-built passenger cars fell in July to 2.12 per cent to 84 296, even at Daimler to 16.62 per cent to 97 330. Only the VW brand held, with 79.67 percent a significant plus. It benefited both from the same month last year and by the weak German market, which is the only significant decline in Western Europe in the black. Audi produced 93 633 cars in July, representing a decline of 12.57 percent. Total Group including Porsche produced 322 851 vehicles in Europe in July (plus 24.34 percent), in the first half of the year 2,736,089 (plus 13.12 percent). came Ford with 98 891 cars built in Europe in July to an increase of 24.56 brought percent, Fiat, it included 97 537 units of its subsidiary brands, which means in the event of a loss of 15.16 percent of Italians. For Hyundai, it's still up: Together with its subsidiary Kia, it took the Koreans 34 390 cars (plus 4.87 percent). Knapp was also in the black Renault-Nissan: The French had built in July 177 348 cars, representing an increase of 3.73 percent. PSA came in July to 190 137 cars (minus 16.27 percent). (Photo: Volkswagen)


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