China outlines strategic industries

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China outlines strategic industries Empty China outlines strategic industries

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China outlines strategic industries

China announced last year that it wanted to develop seven “new strategic industries” to propel the country’s transition from low-cost workshop of the world into producer of high-value, high-technology goods.
Details about how it will implement these plans have been scant so far, but state-run media say that industry-specific reports might be published next month. The government has said that it wants the seven industries to have a 15 per cent share of the economy by 2020, up from about 2 per cent at present.

The industries are something of a grab-bag of high-tech and green-tech ambitions, raising questions about how Beijing can co-ordinate such a sprawling investment programme.

However, proponents say that the plan need not be so specific. They say it will serve as a guide for government spending and policy development in the coming decade, giving Chinese companies a chance to be at the forefront of some of the most innovative sectors in the global economy.

The seven “new strategic industries” are:
● Alternative fuel cars Investment is likely to focus on the development of hybrid cars and electric cars as well as better fuel-cell batteries;
● Biotechnology Includes biomedicines, new vaccines for disease prevention, advanced medical equipment and even extends to marine biology;
● Environmental and energy-saving technologies Energy efficiency, pollution control, clean coal, waste-matter recycling and seawater usage are among the many targets of the environment push;
● Alternative energy Next-generation nuclear power plants, solar power, wind power, smart grids and bioenergy;
● Advanced materials Rare earth, special-usage glass, high-performance steel, high-performance fibres and composites, engineering plastic, nano and superconducting materials;
● New-generation information technology Cloud computing, high-end software, virtual technology and new display systems; and
● High-end equipment manufacturing Aircraft, high-speed rail, satellites and offshore equipment.


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